Quantitative Transmission Ultrasound


A new era in breast imaging is here

Radiation free and painless breast exam without compression. Also with young women, dense breast tissue and breast implants.

Easy to operate

The QTscan can be operated by a team of people after a user training. No specific requirements as needed for operating radiology devices. The scanning is fully automated and the images are uploaded by the system to a central repository where radiologists at distance can read the images and prepare their report.


No specific space or radiation protection required. It can be installed in a clinic or office space without expensive infrastructure changes. The QTscan has low maintenance cost and does not require staff certified on working with radiation equipment. It is much cheaper than an MRI scan and offers similar image quality. Operation is done by staff after basis training and no hospital or clinic environment is needed.

High quality imaging

QTscan results in MRI like images in full 3D. This delivers unparalleled results and reduces the chance of missing leasions dramatically. The way QT technology works, it provides better images than standard mammography and all without radiation, without compression and without any discomfort.


The QTscan® can characterize and isolate certain tissue types based on speed of sound.

  • True volumetric images
  • Unimpeded visibility of dense breast tissue

With the QT Scan, I was finally able to have myself checked without the pain of a typical mammogram. Even though I have dense breasts, my radiologist was able to see that my tissue was spotless

Mrs. Jannet Romero

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